White Bison Association
The White Bison Association  provides care for the white bison, an endangered species. Only one in ten million bison is born white. The White Bison Association provides a non-kill sanctuary and breeding programs, in order to promote healthy white bison population growth. It also uses inspirational religious programs based on the beliefs of indigenous peoples worldwide, which show deep respect for the iconic white bison. Prayer is promoted as a means to provide spiritual healing.

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River of Stars


TREE OF LIFE -Raquel Marcela Benson - 4220670- FROM FL


River of Stars Raffle will run Tuesday February 17th to Friday March 13th


You can enter in the River of Stars Raffle after the other raffles end.

Winners will be notified by email on the night the raffle ends. 

Winner's names will be posted on our facebook:   Sacred White Buffalo


Hiawatha Blanket
Feeding a herd of buffalo is an expensive proposition.  Proceeds from the products sold in the White Buffalo Store provide the necessities for the White Buffalo in terms of veterinary care, tons of hay, fencing and all of the daily necessities.
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